YALE Yale GP15-35MX Series Counterbalanced Forklifts

Engineered for low cost of ownership, reduced downtime and high productivity

A breakthrough forklift solution, the Yale MX range has been designed with performance, operational safety, operator comfort and ease of maintenance all top-of-mind, with key features including High Vis™ Mast, optimised gear profiles and best-in-class service access.

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Performance Features
  • Continuous Stability Enhancement (CSE) reduces truck leaning in turns, without compromising travel over uneven surfaces.
  • V-ECU continuously monitors functions and keeps the operator informed of service requirements via the diagnostics dash display.
  • The unit’s cooling system, with optimised ducting and high volume tunnels, operates at lower temperatures. A cooler engine results in longer life, and reduces overheating risk in heavy-duty applications.
Accessibility and Maintenance
  • Access to the engine is tool-free, via an easy-to-remove floor plate.
  • Best-in-class cowl-to-counterweight service access is facilitated through a one-piece, rear opening hood
  • Reduced maintenance thanks to 500-hour engine service intervals.
Safety and Comfort
  • Transmission gear profiles are optimised to reduce noise.
  • The vertical muffler can be adjusted to aim emissions away from the operator in environments where dust and exhaust gases may be present.
  • An exclusive Operator Presence System, for enhanced operating safety, includes Traction Interlock and Hydraulic Interlock safety functions.
  • From the controls the High Vis™ Mast provides clear visibility to the fork tips when the tines are lifted to 420mm.
  • 3-point entry design, with an open non-slip step at optimum height, gives comfortable entry and exit from either side.
  • Smaller steering wheel and adjustable steering column, coupled with synchronous steering, for less tiring operation.
  • Improved rear drive handle, low-vibration operator's seat and isolated powertrain combine for a comfortable and secure operator environment.
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