YALE GP/GDP80-90VX - Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks
Feature Rich, Heavy Duty

The Yale Veracitor VX, LPG truck series is a feature rich fork lift truck series that has been developed specifically for heavy duty applications in confined areas. They offer high levels of productivity, ergonomics and dependability that deliver low lifetime ownership and running costs.

The 80-90VX models have been engineered to provide users with a model choice dependent on application requirements. Available in three model configurations the Base model is designed to provide a lower cost of acquisition without sacrificing performance, the Value model is optimised for performance and the lowest cost of operation while the Productivity model delivers maximum performance in heavy duty cycle applications.

Heavy duty and intensive work cycle businesses where the VX series excels are:

  • Building materials
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Paper and pulp
Ergonomic Features
  • Isolated powertrain and full suspension seat result in best-in-class whole body vibration levels of 0.6m/s2
  • Operator compartment with clear unobstructed foot space, easy 3 point entry and low intermediate step height for easy on and off access
  • Infinitely adjustable steering column and ergonomically positioned operators seat with integrated armrest incorporating mini-levers for hydraulic control and other key functions for the most comfortable operating position
  • Auto-deceleration system (ADS) is standard on all models automatically decreasing the speed of the truck when the throttle pedal is released minimising brake usage and operator fatigue
  • Dash display transmits continuous feedback to the operator of the trucks status and is positioned for optimum visibility
Performance Features
  • Two transmission options available, Techtronix 332 – Base and Value models for precise application matched performance and Techtronix 332+ – Productivity model for maximum performance in intensive duty work cycles
  • Smooth electronic inching, shift and neutral start with brake interlock
  • Continuous stability enhancement system (CSE) provides operating confidence from outstanding lateral stability when travelling over uneven ground surfaces and when cornering
  • Controlled roll back (CRB) on ramps for confident operator control on gradients
  • Controlled power reversal (CPR) for regulated directional change and tyre savings
  • Intellix vehicle system manager (VSM) maximises uptime by monitoring and protecting key functions of the truck
ModelModel DesignationLoad Capacity (kg)Load Centre (mm)Lift Height (mm)EngineTransmission
GDP/GLP80VX6Base80006006065Cummins 3.3L DieselTechtronix 332 3-Speed
GDP/GLP80VX9Base80009006065Cummins 3.3L DieselTechtronix 332 3-Speed
GDP/GLP90VX6Base90006006065Cummins 3.3L DieselTechtronix 332 3-Speed
GDP/GLP80VX6Value80006005965Kubota 3.8L Diesel GM 5.7L LPGTechtronix 332 3-Speed
GDP/GLP80VX9Value80009006065Kubota 3.8L Diesel GM 5.7L LPGTechtronix 332 3-Speed
GDP/GLP90VX6Value90006006065Kubota 3.8L Diesel GM 5.7L LPGTechtronix 332 3-Speed
GDP/GLP80VX6Productivity80006006065Kubota 3.8L Diesel GM 5.7L LPGTechtronix 332+ 3-Speed
GDP/GLP80VX9Productivity80009006065Kubota 3.8L Diesel GM 5.7L LPGTechtronix 332+ 3-Speed
GDP/GLP90VX6GDP/GLP90VX6Productivity90006006065Kubota 3.8L Diesel GM 5.7L LPGTechtronix 332+ 3-Speed
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