YALE GC135-155VX - Heavy Duty Cushion Tyre Forklift
Warehouse Forklifts: 6-7 Tonnes

A versatile warehouse forklift designed for indoor use, the S135-155FT series are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as primary metals, stone, clay, glass and concrete products, and industrial and commercial machinery.

This series of trucks is available in two configurations to meet and exceed your material handling application requirements. The VeracitorT Value truck provides excellent performance for standard and medium-duty applications and is optimised for lowest hourly cost of operation. The VeracitorT Base truck offers first-rate performance for standard-duty applications and is geared to minimise your cost of acquisition without compromising performance.
GDC135 155VX
Load Capacity (kg) 6,000 7,000
Load Centre (mm) 610 610
Lift Height (mm) 3,400 3,400
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