The launch of Yale’s new UX ICE counterbalance forklift series into the Asia Pacific region further expands Adaptalift’s Yale forklift product offering.

The new UX series of forklifts provides a cost effective materials handling solution for warehousing and retail industries.

This week’s blog highlights the key specifications and features of the new UX forklift series available to Adaptalift Groups customers from mid-2019.

UX Series Specifications
The new UX series features four new IC counterbalance forklifts all with new pneumatic tyres, available in lift capacities from 2T to 3.5T.

Each model from 2T to 3.5T is available in three different fuel types diesel, LPG and dual fuel. All units have single speed transmissions and the ability to be fitted with various tynes and attachments making the unit suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The new UX series of forklifts have been designed and engineered to incorporate a number of new ergonomic and safety features that are highlighted below:

Improved Safety Features
The UX series includes a number of improved safety features making it one of the safest forklifts available in the market, features include:

  • New high strength profiled steel overhead guard (OHG) with high strength glass offering better reliability and operator safety in the event of objects falling on top of the forklift
  • New wide view mast (720mm outside width) providing maximum operator forward visibility, reducing the chances of collisions occurring with plant, equipment and employees working in the same area as the forklift
  • New smaller diameter 300mm steering wheel that is easily manipulated and ensure maximum responsiveness and mobility when operating in narrow aisles


Improved Operator Ergonomics
The UX series introduces a number of new or improved features that improve operator comfort, these include:

  • Full suspension seat that comes fitted standard with an operator presence system
  • Convenient step placement providing easy cabin access for operators of varying heights
  • Adjustable steering wheel with 8 degrees of adjustment to ensure steering wheel is ergonomically adjustable for operators varying requirements
  • Large 3.5” LCD provides clear and convenient display data including warnings during operations
  • Increased foot well size provides extra space between pedals providing increased operator comfort and reducing the risk of the incorrect pedals being discharged by accident
  • Full floating cabin system and dual suspension decrease engine noise and vibration

Improved Easy Servicing and Spare Parts Availability
A new larger engine compartment makes diagnostics, servicing and repairs even more convenient.

A large proportion of parts and components such as engine cover, instrument panel, display and most other components are exchangeable across all capacity units in the UX series makes keeping large stockholding of spare parts for individual models a thing of the past.

Local Asia Pacific Produced Engine
The series is powered by the Japanese built UX engine local to the Asia Pacific region improving the sourcing of local replacement parts, due to the closer proximity to Australia.

Low Cost of Ownership
The use of high quality robust componentry combined with highly efficient filtration and superior cooling makes the UXT series of forklifts the most reliable in the market with lower rates of operational wear and tear.

This, together with aforementioned readily available local spare parts helps to reduce service and maintenance requirements and costs, when compared to sourcing spare parts for other forklifts produced in other regions such as Europe or America’s.

The new Yale UX series of forklifts are some of the safest ergonomically designed forklifts introduced to the Australian market. To discuss how your operations can benefit from the Yale UX series forklifts contact your nearest Yale specialist on 13 22 54 or email

Published By: Paul Hinz