In July 2018 Adaptalift Group and Karcher Australia announced a partnership adding the full range of Karcher’s industry leading industrial cleaning products to Adaptalift Groups product offering.

This blog looks at three main types of industrial cleaning equipment being offered through the partnership including pressure cleaners, floor cleaners and scrubbers and floor sweepers.

Pressure Cleaners
Karcher offers a full range of pressure cleaners, including cold water cleaner’s ideal for the cleaning of buildings, machinery and vehicles on a daily basis.

They also offer innovative hot water cleaners that provide many benefits over cold water cleaners, including:

  • Better cleaning results
  • Reduced cleaning agent consumption
  • Shorter drying times
  • Improved hygiene
  • Shorter work time with up to 35% improved cleaning results

In addition to the afore mentioned mobile cold and hot water units, more permanent stationary pressure cleaners can be installed to clean and disinfect large areas in a space saving manner.

Industrial Floor Cleaners and Scrubbers
Karcher’s range of floor cleaners and scrubbers will leave floors hygienically clean and spotless.

The range of scrubber dryers covers any application with units from small walk behinds right up to large ride-on units, using high contact pressure can clean, strip and polish both uneven and smooth floors.

Small walk behind units offer superior cleaning to wet mopping for areas of less than 2,000m2 such as small shops.

Innovative step on units offer the manoeuvrability of walk behind units but with the speed and improved performance of ride-on units for medium to large areas such supermarkets.

For large area cleaning such as factory floors and carparks heavy duty ride-on units provide the timeliest cleaning with the largest cleaning footprint for time utilisation.

Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers
Karcher’s range of sweepers includes basic walk behind up to large ride-on units.

Walk behind sweepers and vacuum sweepers are ideal for cleaning and collecting debris in small to medium areas such as courtyards, paths, workshops and halls. They are ergonomic and easy to use, sweeping thoroughly including in corners with low dust development.

Ride-on units are suitable for cleaning and collecting debris in medium to large areas such as factory floors and carparks. They offer larger sweeping footprint allowing for faster easier cleaning of large areas when compared walk behind units.

In addition to the three types of cleaning units mentioned above Karcher provides a full range of accessories for all its units as well as highly researched and effective cleaning agents that have been created to work specifically with corresponding Karcher units.

To discuss how Adaptalift can provide the ideal cleaning solution to meet your needs, contact your nearest branch on 13 22 54 or email